About My CD

My CD has songs in Yiddish, Hebrew and Ladino, arranged by me and others, as well as a piano piece of my own composition. On this site you can find audio samples, lyrics, some background information about me and the music, and, if you like what you hear, details on how you can order the CD or the sheet music for the songs. I hope you enjoy it.

One of the special pleasures of putting together this CD has been my contact with the characters and stories in these songs. Each one tells a most compelling story. The haunting sadness in the lullaby, ‘Shlof Mayn Kind’ gives way to the carefree attitude of the girl in ‘Gey Ikh Mir Spatzieren’ and the sly humour in ‘Der Filosof’. Love songs such as ‘Tu Madre Cuando te Pario’ alternate with passionate religious songs such as ‘Respondemos’ and the innocence and pride of ‘El Dio Alto’. And although all this music has Jewish culture and background in common, it is as varied as the countries from which it sprang. Yiddish music with its characteristic lilt gives way to Spanish rhythms and then to Hebrew for the composition for Friday night’s ‘L’Cha Dodi’.

It was my intention in creating this collection, to help carry on our traditions for a new generation. I am happy to be able to present the music and arrangements I and other composers have made from the inspiration of this wonderful heritage. I hope they help you appreciate this very living tradition of Jewish music that we are so lucky to have.

Tracks on the CD

A list of all the tracks on the CD, with audio samples for most of them, can be found here