Choral and Congregational

All choral and congregational pieces have a minimum order of $20. This lets you make as many copies as needed for one choir or congregation. You can order most of them from the Order Form.

The exceptions are Ah! Toi Belle Hirondelle ,Beauty is Before Me, and Candles are Dancing, which can be ordered from Cypress Choral Music.

Ah! Toi Belle Hirondelle        

Order from Cypress.

An old French-Canadian folk tune. Separated lovers keep their love alive with the help of a swallow. The bird flies over the high seas to send the message that they will remain faithful and true to one another. 

Al-le! Alleluia

An alleluia that expresses joy. Praise be!

All Rivers

Nature's gifts heal us and enable us to recreate ourselves with its beauty. How can we show our gratitude? - by sharing our lives and experience with others. Especially useful for Unitartian-Universalist water communion ceremonies and ingatherings.

Beauty is Before Me

Order from Cypress.

Respect and awe for nature can help us keep to a true path. From the beautiful Navajo text, filled with peace and wisdom.
"--- in my youth, I am aware of it, and, in old age, I shall walk quietly the beautiful trail."

The Blessing of Peace

A serene, hymn-like choral tune that can be used to celebrate the deliverance from tyranny during Chanukah, or anytime, as a hymn to peace, ‘May blessings of peace descend on our land’. English text.

Candles are Dancing

Order from Cypress.

An infectious, lively tune for Chanukah and Solstice. English text. ‘Flames from the candles dance to and fro, they tell us a tale of long, long ago’.

Life Has Loveliness to Sell

Based on Sara Teasdale's evocative poem:

"Life has loveliness to sell,
All beautiful and splendid things;
Blue waves whitened on a cliff …

And children’s faces looking up,
Holding wonder like a cup."

A setting that will work with small choirs as well as large.

Morning, So Fair to See

Soaring melodies embrace the optimism and faith of Vincent V. Silliman's inspiring poem:

"Morning, so fair to see
Night veiled in mystery
Glorious the earth and resplendent skies!
Pilgrims, we march along,
Singing our joyous song,
As through an earthly paradise.'


A choral song with the theme of our universal desire for peace. It includes words of peace from all the Abrahamic traditions: Christian, Islamic and Jewish. My hope is that it touches all who hear it.

Spring Breaks in Foam

A lyrical paean to spring with a text by Canadian poet Charles G.D. Roberts. ‘Spring breaks in foam along the blackthorn bough. Whitethroat and goldenwing are mating now’.

Solo Voice and Duets

All solo voice and duet compositions have a minimum order of $5.00 per piece. This lets you make copies for the soloist(s) and accompanist.

The Blessing of Peace

A serene, hymn-like tune that can be used to celebrate the deliverance from tyranny during Chanukah, or anytime, as a hymn to peace. 'May blessings of peace descend on our land.' English text.

Morning, So Fair to See

A soaring melody, embracing the optimism and faith of Vincent Silliman's poem:

"Morning, so fair to see!
Night veiled in mystery."

O Come, My Beloved

A beautiful,  lyrical song for the bride and groom. Sing as a duet or use the top line for a solo.

" Together we'll be family, forever entwined.
True love shall keep us to the end of time."

Three Love Songs from the Poetry of Sara Teasdale

For Voice and Piano. Set $10 or $5 each.

    1. I Love You
    2. The Look
    3. The Kiss

Sara Teasdale wrote about love with great passion and vivid imagery. These songs capture the variety of her experiences, from the wistful regret of ‘I Love You’ to the youthful flirtatiousness of ‘The Look” and her wonderful expression of true love in ‘The Kiss’.

To place order in a different key, please email with request.

Yiddish Folksongs

Arrangements of six folksongs for solo voice and piano. The original is set for medium voice. Contact me at and the pieces can be transposed to suit your own voice. Purchase individually, or get all six for $25.00.

  1. Gey Ikh Mir Shpatsieren
  2. Shlof Mayn Kind
  3. Der Filozof
  4. Di Goldene Pave
  5. Mayn Harts Veynt in Mir
  6. Rozhinkes mit Mandlen
    • 2:20 minutes.



A contemplative piece with a folk-like tune. Easy to moderate.


Pnina's Niggun

An uplifting introduction to worship with a lilting, dancelike quality.

Variations on a Yiddish Lullaby

Elegant simplicity and haunting loveliness.